Make a persistent effort to continue moving forward.

I am Yutaka Arakawa, President of FUJISAWASHIKO K.K..

I was appointed president in July 2018, when the company newly entered its 47th fiscal year since 1972.

FUJISAWASHIKO K.K. has found solid growth opportunities brought by social changes and developed its new business model as a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard boxes since its inauguration. Also, we have provided many customers with the Value-added capabilities and flexible responsiveness for its multiple products and services by combining smaller MOQ and quick delivery in our corrugated cardboard business, with packaging materials business and commercial printing business for many industries.

I deeply appreciate our customers’ long-term patronage. In addition, I express my heartfelt thanks to our business partners for their huge support under severe economic conditions.

In 2018, we have invested in a new area of our makeup accessories business in this new business year. In particular, we have increased our array of silicone rubber processors and metalworking machines as well as entered into the cosmetics filling business. Furthermore, we have opened a new factory in Indonesia to address foreign demand. We intend to provide our customers with agility to cope with the rapid changes in society and the economy surrounding us, by enhancing co-creation capabilities more than ever with our customers and suppliers.

FUJISAWASHIKO K.K. will continue dealing resolutely with customer issues by having every employee sincerely listen to customer feedback and acquire creativity and workplace skills.

Thank you very much for your continuous support.

Yutaka Arakawa, President and Representative Director
February 2021
1158-6 Nakajima
Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken
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