Privacy Policy

FUJISAWASHIKO K.K. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) establishes the privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as this “Privacy Policy”) of this website (, hereinafter referred to as this “Website”) in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act to operate this Website. This Privacy Policy stipulates this Website’s policies for the collection, use and management of personal information on users.

Personal Information on this Website

In this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information” means any information that can identify a specific individual, such as his/her name, company name, address, telephone number or email address. The Company may request you to provide your personal information to the minimum extent necessary for the operation of services provided through this Website (including various inquiries and the like). Before collecting your personal information, the Company will clearly state the purpose and the like of the collection, and obtain your consent.

Use and Provision of Personal Information

The provided Personal Information will be used only to the extent agreed to by you, and will not be disclosed or provided to a third party without your consent, except that if the disclosure of such information is required under laws and regulations, the information may be disclosed to the minimum necessary extent.

Disclosure, Amendment and Deletion of Personal Information

If you request any disclosure, amendment or deletion of the Personal Information you have provided, please contact the email address: The Company will address your request as soon as it confirms that the request was made by yourself.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are files (codes) that are sent by web servers to your PC for record management. Personally identifiable information is not left in cookies. You can choose whether or not to use cookies. Although almost all PC browsers have been set to accept cookies, you can set your browser to display a message to the effect that you are going to visit a website using cookies in advance or to refuse to accept cookies.

Access Logs

Information on persons who access this Website is recorded as access logs. Although the access logs include the domain names, IP addresses, browser names, access days and times, and other details of persons who access this Website, they do not include any personally identifiable information. This information will be used for the management of this Website and the statistical analysis of access trends after being processed statistically.


This Privacy Policy will apply only to this Website. Although this Website includes some links to external sites, no personal information will be shared with the external sites. For information regarding the collection of personal information on any website to which this Website is linked, refer to the privacy policy or the like of such website.


The Company may revise this Privacy Policy if necessary due to a change in laws and regulations or any other reason. Any renewal of this Privacy Policy will be published in the Topics section of this Website. In this case, please check the renewed Privacy Policy.

Inquiries about the Handling of Personal Information

Please contact the email address: if you have any opinion or question concerning the above-mentioned contents or the handling of personal information on this Website.
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