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Please link to the top page of this Website, if necessary, because the URLs of the other pages herein may be changed or deleted without prior notice. Any link from a website which is deemed by the Company to be likely to damage the business or credibility of the Company, such as a website that violates public order and morals or contains slander, will be rejected. In addition, please note that the Company will take no responsibility for any website from which this Website is linked.


Although the Company has taken the utmost care to ensure the recency and the accuracy of the information published on this Website, it does not guarantee the appropriateness and accuracy of the contents of this Website unless otherwise specified. Also, please note that the Company will not be responsible for any damage arising from the use of this Website. In addition, please note that the Company may change any content published within this Website or of products and services without prior notice.

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Please contact the email address:admi@fujikoo.co.jp if you have any opinion or question concerning the above-mentioned contents or the use of this Website.
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